Why I Love Camp Couture
By: A Camp Couture Student

I first came to Camp Couture a bit more than a year ago. I was a complete beginner. Alex was patient with me and showed me how to thread the machine, what all the buttons and levers and knobs did, and how to sew a line on cloth. Now, I am making complex projects such as dresses, zipper bags, shirts, and shorts.

Camp Couture is not only a place to sew. Periodically, we do fashion shows at various places. In April, we were one of the groups at the Trashion show at the Exploratorium. We also have had a booth and fashion show at the Maker Faire for the last four or five years. Even though it’s a lot of work (and kind of nerve-wracking!) it’s always fun.
Today, Camp Couture is a sort of second home to me. It’s a place where I can get my creativity out. Where I can relax and unwind. Where I know there is someone to talk to, and to listen to. Where there are friends to be made. Where I can let my inner me shine.

J’adore Camp Couture!